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Arkis BioSciences’ portfolio enables surgical efficiency while improving patient care with minimally invasive, less traumatic procedures. Innovative engineering and manufacturing advances allow Arkis to provide market-leading quality at economical pricing, placing precision into the hands of neurosurgeons. Arkis is furthermore the exclusive provider of Endexo® polymer impregnated cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) catheters for improved external drainage.


Advanced Catheter Technology

Arkis CerebroFloTM EVD Catheter with Endexo® Technology:

The CerebroFlo™ EVD Catheter from Arkis BioSciences is the first and only External Ventricular Drainage catheter with Endexo® Technology, a permanent additive that functionalizes all surfaces, including cut perforations, that greatly reduces fibrinogen and platelet activation and adhesion, resulting in less thrombus formation. Endexo® is a permanent and non-eluting additive extruded into the catheter material, contains no heparin, and remains throughout the life of the catheter without depleting. The CerebroFlo EVD Catheter has demonstrated an average of 99% less thrombus accumulation onto its surface, in-vitro, compared to a market leading EVD catheter. The Endexo® macromolecule has been commercially shown in vascular access, dialysis, and other applications to significantly reduce thrombus related obstructions in a variety of catheters.*

*Data on file, or please reference the CerebroFlo white paper.


View a short educational video for the CerebroFlo EVD Catheter:

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Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

Arkis Single Pass Tunneling Guidewire®


Arkis’ exclusive Tunneling Guidewire is a first of its kind less invasive shunt passer that combines a tunneling instrument and guidewire, providing precise steerable catheter implantation.  Using Arkis’ patented Single Pass®  workflow, surgeons can now route a peritoneal or pleural catheter from a frontal scalp incision site directly to the torso incision, without the typical third surgical site near the ear.  Overall, Arkis’ Single Pass Tunneling Guidewire®  allows up to one-third less invasive procedures designed to reduce surgical duration and trauma.


View a short educational video for the Single Pass Tunneling Guidewire:

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Arkis Precision Tunneler™


The Arkis Precision Tunneler comprises a disposable stainless-steel stylette and cannula, with a robust handle featuring an interlocking cannula mechanism for precise steerability. The Precision Tunneler is sturdy, yet readily malleable, for precise subcutaneous tunneling.

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Arkis Subcutaneous Guidewire™


The Arkis Subcutaneous Guidewire is a multipurpose handheld guidewire for efficient contour tunneling. Utilizing the same proprietary guidewire tip and technology as Arkis’ Tunneling Guidewire, the Subcutaneous Guidewire facilitates easy retroauricular cranial-caudal implant placements, external ventricular drainage catheter routing, as well as torso applications including lumboperitoneal shunt implantation, intrathecal catheter placements, and other surgical applications.

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