Arkis CerebroFlo® EVD Catheter with Endexo® Technology


Arkis CerebroFlo® EVD Catheter with Endexo® Technology

99% reduction in thrombus formation in-vitro*.  No coating. No eluting.

The CerebroFlo® EVD Catheter from Arkis BioSciences is the first and only External Ventricular Drainage catheter with Endexo® Technology, a permanent additive that functionalizes all surfaces, including cut perforations, that greatly reduces fibrinogen and platelet activation and adhesion, resulting in less thrombus formation. Endexo® is a permanent and non-eluting additive extruded into the catheter material, contains no heparin, and remains throughout the life of the catheter without depleting. The CerebroFlo EVD Catheter has demonstrated an average of 99% less thrombus accumulation onto its surface, in-vitro, compared to a market leading EVD catheter. The Endexo® macromolecule has been commercially shown in vascular access, dialysis, and other applications to significantly reduce thrombus related obstructions in a variety of catheters.*

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*Data on file, or please reference the CerebroFlo white paper.

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 Proprietary Endexo® technology.  Permanent surface passivation.

The Endexo molecule is a fluoro-oligomeric polymer that results in a passivated surface, which has been shown in-vitro to reduce fibrinogen adsorption, platelet activation and adhesion, and thrombus formation on all catheter surfaces, including cut perforations.

The Endexo molecule is not an anti-thrombotic agent: it does not elute from the catheter and does not alter the coagulative properties of the blood.  Rather, Endexo is a non-thrombotic, i.e. non-reactive, compound that passivates the surface properties of the catheter, making protein adhesion less likely.

The CerebroFlo EVD Catheter is the only catheter currently indicated for use with intraventricular hemorrhage, and is also indicated for elevated intracranial hypertension and hydrocephalic shunt infections.

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