Arkis Precision Tunneler™


Arkis Precision Tunneler™

Robust, Interlocking and Malleable

The Arkis Precision Tunneler kit includes a disposable stainless-steel stylette and cannula with a robust handle featuring an interlocking cannula mechanism for precise steerability. The Precision Tunneler is sturdy, yet readily malleable, with a durable handle, for precise subcutaneous tunneling. The Precision Tunneler comes standard with each Tunneling Guidewire™ kit, but is also separately available in pediatric, adolescent, and adult sizes.


Precise Subcutaneous Tunneling

The Precision Tunneler’s interlocking cannula mechanism provides the surgeon navigational capability to easily steer the cannula. The trocar tip reduces the force necessary, compared to blunt instrumentation, required for subcutaneous routing of the cannula. The Precision Tunneler can be used for several surgical approaches, including frontal or parietal placements employing either cranial-caudal or caudal-cranial passes between the torso and the cranium. Stainless steel construction, heavy-duty handle, sturdy feel, malleability, and navigational design distinguish the Precision Tunneler as a high-quality instrument unmatched among other disposable passers.

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