Arkis Single Pass Tunneling Guidewire®


Arkis Single Pass Tunneling Guidewire®

Up to one third less invasive shunt procedures.

Arkis is passionate about patient care and bringing about healing through state of the art medical technology. Likewise, Arkis’ attitude of continuous improvement challenges the status quo of legacy surgical interventions. Arkis develops more efficient surgical instrumentation, designed to be less invasive, reduce trauma, and potentially reduce surgical duration. In conjunction with the use of Arkis’ proprietary Single Pass™ workflow, Arkis’ patented Tunneling Guidewire allows neurosurgeons the option to eliminate one of three surgical sites formerly required to implant a ventriculoperitoneal shunt. The tool enables the surgeon to potentially reduce surgical trauma and duration along with the associated risks for infection, and unsightly scarring of the neck.

Arkis’ exclusive Tunneling Guidewire Kit is a first of its kind less invasive shunt passer that combines a tunneling instrument and guidewire for providing precise steerable catheter implantation. A Single Pass™ of the Guidewire routes a peritoneal or pleural catheter from a frontal site directly to the torso, typically eliminating the third surgical site located near the ear. The Arkis Tunneling Guidewire kit includes a pre-shaped guidewire along with Arkis’ Precision Tunneler™. Both the Tunneling Guidewire and Precision Tunneler are hand malleable for patient customization. The Guidewire’s handle provides tactile feedback, indicating the direction of the Guidewire’s traversal without the need for visualization. The Arkis Tunneling Guidewire kit is available in pediatric, adolescent, and adult sizes.

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