Arkis Subcutaneous Guidewire™


Arkis Subcutaneous Guidewire™

Minimally invasive routing.

The Arkis Subcutaneous Guidewire is a multipurpose handheld guidewire for efficient contour tunneling. Utilizing the same proprietary guidewire tip and technology as Arkis’ Tunneling Guidewire, the Subcutaneous Guidewire facilitates easy cranial-caudal retroauricular implant placements as well as torso applications such as lumboperitoneal shunt lumen implantation, intrathecal catheter placements, and other surgical applications.


For tunneling tortuous anatomy.

With a much shorter shaft than the Arkis Tunneling Guidewire, the Subcutaneous Guidewire may be used in a larger variety of shunt placement approaches and other surgical procedures. The malleability and shape memory of the guidewire, as well as the specially-designed tip and ergonomic handle, combine to make a versatile tool for passage of lumens over tortuous short distances. Arkis’ Subcutaneous Guidewire is available in five sizes including small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large.

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